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and therefore seek to give people the extra energy
for daily life to be more happy, healthy and focused.

We know the VALUE of GOOD SLEEP

Göran Valdemar Sjöholm

Göran Valdemar Sjöholm

CEO & Founder

Delux’s success story is the story of one family making their dreams come true. It was founded by Göran Sjöholm, the driven father, and his daughters Heidi, Jenny and Siv.

A love and respect for nature and the sea has always been a very big part of our family. It is while sailing in the Finnish Archipelago through sunshine and rainy storms, while sitting in burning hot saunas, dipping in ice cold water and admiring the sunset over the shimmering ocean that we come together as a family to bond, connect, reset and reevaluate our lives.

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Caring sense of family and belonging are the values
on which the Delux brand has been built

A caring sense of family and belonging are the values on which the Delux brand was built and the time spent in nature has always helped us find our direction and purpose again. We all share a common desire to change people's lives for the better. We spend half of our lives in bed, and if we can improve the quality of life through the quality of sleep, it is a joy and honor for us.

However, what makes the Sjöholm brand so special is not only the purpose and heart of our family but also the dedication, skill, and passion of all Delux products. It is the joy of the client and the improvement of the quality of life that ultimately is our greatest source of inspiration.

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