Raua 5, Vijandi, Estonia


Founder and CEO
Göran is a passionated man and his biggest passion is his work and then sailing. He is 
also a devoted father for his three daughters and super fun moffa (mother's father) for his 7 grandchildren.

+372 43 54 270



Vice President
Jenny is one out of the three lovely daughters of Göran. When she joined the company she brought with her a bright smile and the "let's do it" attitude. She's been leading the company and the people side to side with her father to carry on the lecacy.

Mervi Parkkonen

Factory manager Univisio

Jämijärvi, Finland

Marco Petix

Area sales manager Swiss, Germany, Austria

Raido Elbing

Production manager Delux production Viljandi, Estonia

Rickard Christensen

Sales manager for Scandinavia

Kaido Kase

Production manager Gomab Valga, Estonia

Jarna Vuori

Sales manager for Finland