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Our Production

Delux holding has manufacturing units in Finland and Estonia. The major ones are located in Viljandi where Delux has the biggest production section in the country. Overall, Delux Holding has 40 000 ㎡ of factory space with 171 employees.


Our Production Units

🇪🇪 Estonia, Viljandi


🇫🇮 Finland, Jämijärvi


  • Beds

  • Nightstands

  • Matresses

  • Top matresses

  • Bedding

Delivery time:

  • 4-6 weeks


  • Modern fully integrated factory, own production springs, wooden frames, sawing, foam cutting.



  • 7 000 beds per month



  • high quality and sleeping comfort


  • reliability, 12 years experience in Germany in box spring beds, fast deliveries.

Univisio is a Finnish company that manufactures bedding textiles – such as blankets, pillows and sheets.

The products are manufactured in Finland and the largest customer base consists of various companies and central stores as well as the public sector. Univisio’s products have long used polyester fibre and fabric made from recycled, clean PET bottles, but now the company is also researching the recycling of its own by-products into new products. As a result, Univisio has started cooperating with Rester Oy, which processes textiles into recycled fi bres. Univisio will supply Rester with the surplus from its own manufacturing processes, which will be used in the future to manufacture bedding textiles.


  • Pillows

  • Blankets

  • Textiles

Delivery time:

  • 2 weeks 

+372 43 54 270

Delux Prodcution ou. Raua 5, Vijandi, Estonia

+358 020 7580 403
Teollisuustie 4, 38800 Jämijärvi

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