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Delux Scandinavia is a brand belonging to the Delux Holding

was founded in Finland

Delux is specializing in beds and home textiles, but since the end of 2017 it has entered also to the hardwood furniture market by acquiring a company called Askala and in 2018 after buying hardwood furniture company Gomab it has more than doubled the wooden furniture section.

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In Narva we have a little extension to our Viljandi factory, a sewing department with 800m2

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The company is a manufacturer of high-quality bedroom textiles, quilts, pillows and interior design products. We have developed comfortable and safe materials that are easy to maintain and suitable for people with allergies.

Univisio's strategy is to operate cost-effectly and produce high quality products regarding client's demands.

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Askala is producing living, dining and sleeping area furniture in a contemporary Scandinavian style. Our production unit is located in Valga, with 4000m2 of production space from where we ship to more than 10 countries in Europe.


In south of Estonia, Valga, we have our biggest wooden

furniture factory Gomab. With 30000m of production space for high quality natural wood furniture for living, dining and sleeping areas. Gomab products highly appreciated and loved for year with Germany being out biggest market.


Our main office and bed production unit is located in Viljandi. With 45000m2 of production space dedicated to produce

and deliver the feeling

of Scandinavian way of sleeping.

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over 30 years

experience in bedroom furniture
and bedding business

74000 m2

production space in Estonia and Finland

Due to the very favourable 

import-export tax system Goran Sjoholm started a small pillows and quilts production in Viljandi, Estonia.


Delux started with bed production. At first the units were small and the beds were more simple.


We are exporting to more than 30 countries,while Germany remaining the biggest export market. Delux decides to acquire a furniture factory ASCALA to be able to provide contemporary harwood furniture for living and dining areas.


Delux launches second branded collection called DELUX SCANDINAVIA.


Delux acqires second furniture factory GOMAB  to able to cover the harwood furniture needs in germany market. By acquiring GOMAB DELUX doubled it’s production space to 70000 m2.


The foundation of Blocker. Delux brought the innovative Blocker technology to the market.



The space at the original location in Viljandi got too small due to fast growth of the sales so the company and production was moved to it’s current location at Raua Street.


Delux production space has grown up to 35000 m2 with 300 workers.


Delux decided to start with own branded collection. First coming out with premium bedroom furniture brand SJÖHOLM.


Estimated turnover for Delux Group 42000000 €.


Sjöholm bed- to each home in Switzerland.Sjöholm stated be as a brand in Switzerland. Since this time it is one of biggest market for Delux.


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