Over the years Delux Holding
has aquired and developed several different brands

To be able to meet customers needs in all segments and countries.

Inspired by nature

We focus on achieving the best possible results in craftsmanship. After all, we’ve learned from the greatest - from nature. We follow it, we’re inspired by it.

Sjöholm collection ofers premium sleeping solutions with carefully chosen materials to help you to have the best sleeping experience.


The Scandinavian way of sleeping

In our collection you’ll find continental beds, adjustable beds and frame beds. To fit the
needs of our customers better we have carefully created two options for each bed
type - Superb collection and Majestic collection. Now you can choose which one you see to
fit your needs and wishes.


It would take only few hours to have your new bed at home and assembled. 3 choices of mattresses, headboards, legs and fabrics. Easy and smart, its the DBSmart3.

The smart 3


Lähellä sinun untasi

Univisio is a Finnish manufacturer of high quality domestic home

and office textiles. The design

is based on the unique comfort, ease of care and safety of the products. Our products have the Finnish Key Flag ID.


Möbel zum leben

Gomab in the latest addition to DELUX family. It's. hardwood furniture brand that has been serving German market for more than 20 years. The collection vary between classical south European style but also some with Nordic touch.


Nordic living

Askala is specialized in producing knockdown furniture from solid wood glueboards, as we believe that solid wood furniture has benefits like durability, hardness, edging free design, restoration opportunity and nice cozy home feeling which you won't get when comparing to chipboard and MDF furniture.


Exclusive comfort

We are ofering special solutions for hotels. As addition to the bed solutions we also ofer pillows and quilts and also as a new direction we have an in-house interior designer who will help out clients to design the hotel room according to their needs and wishes.


We create balance, happiness and health

We are used to being with our phones even in bed, and some of us even arrange movie marathons with a laptop in bed. We are also constantly exposed to high-frequency microwave radiation used in the telecommunications industry, low-frequency electrical magnetic fields generated bid electrical appliances, electrical wiring, and high-voltage lines.


Ouality sleep preserves our physical and mental health. It helps maintain a normal weight, promotes cardiovascular health, restores strength and strengthens the immune system. It also improves memorld, lowers anxietld levels, and reduces stress symptoms . Enough sleep makes

us more positive, which helps us keep good relationships with others.

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